About Me

I am an all-round web developer with 3 years of experience of web development in Python, Django and Angular. I also love to do DevOps I have a good knowledge of Docker, Kubernetes and Google cloud platform. I also like working in a team, I believe you learn faster and much more in a Team.

My Experience

My work mostly highlights my time and experience building product at KisanHub. During these years I have moved around in various projects working in things like Satellite Microservice, Supply chain management, and DevOps(why not..). Below are my few achievements.

Supply chain management

Currently I have been working on supply chain management, trying to solve problems of large firms to manage their loads and farms with ease.

CI/CD and Kubernetes migration on GCP

Started migration of the whole infrastructure from Linode to Google cloud platform and later in late 2018 started to containerize everything and migrate to Kubernetes with CI/CD. Which obviously saved company a lot of money and improved efficiency of developers.

Satellite Microservice

I joined as a Trainee.
After sometime I started working on Satellite Microservice working on providing farmers useful information with processed satellite images of their fields. I was involved in this project from the start, which gave me a chance to do Design, Architecture and Build cloud infrastructure from scratch.


University of Delhi
University of Delhi
BSc. Computer Science
Kendriya Vidyalaya, Delhi



Store search and discovery service.

Kranzaa is E-commerce Website to search and discover nearby stores in a particular area rated by other customers.
Also included an app that analyze the sentiment of comments and show the negative or positive sentiments towards the store. You can view how sentiments change in a period of time on a graph.

Tools: Django, NLTK, sentiword.net

Sankalan 2016

Website of Annual Technical Fest, Department of Computer Science, 2016. More than 200 teams from India’s top Universities registered.

Tools: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap